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We ensure that your forever home is reality and you are not scaling back from that dream.

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Why Cost Control?

From our experience at Cost Control, we have found all too often, projects being significantly scaled back or indeed shelved because designs were totally out of line with our client's budget.

At Cost Control, we strive to ensure that your dream project becomes a reality, by giving you peace of mind and confidence that the final pre planning design is on budget.

What is Cost Control?

A detailed construction cost mechanism that keeps creativity on budget. Each aspect of your design is costed and allows you to make informed decisions based on actual figures. Cost Control is backed by a team of highly qualified and experienced Chartered Quantity Surveyors.

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How cost control works?

As your project is being designed, Cost Control arrives at a detailed cost estimate. We then monitor, review & update the client with the overall costs of the project. Cost Control can also take the project from planning to completion by managing all aspects of the overall spend.

Cost Control are here to help.

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